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Handheld Gaming Console Dubbed the SteamBoy Set to Rollout Next Year

Remember the Steam Machines? Gamers got excited when they were first announced as it looked to be a good way to get PC gaming into the living room. ...
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Xbox One on Sale Today for $400 without Kinect

When Sony and Microsoft launched their next-gen consoles, pricing was a huge issue for some as they Xbox One was more expensive than the Ps4 due to ...
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Watch EA’s E3 Press Conference LIVE Right Here

It's only a few more days until E3 and it's time to get excited!  Starting on Monday, June 9th the annual E3 press conferences will begin and you ...
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Watch Dogs Gameplay Demo and Screenshots

Ubisoft’s new IP, Watch Dogs, was demoed again at this year’s E3. Widely accepted as the face of next generation, it continues to look ...
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Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Gameplay and Screenshots

The first ever gameplay footage for Black Flag was revealed at E3 this week. In it, we were shown some more of the pirate assassin, Edmund ...
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Mirror’s Edge 2 Screenshots

We asked for it and EA delivered. An unexpected outcome to say the least, gamers can look forward to stepping into Faith's shoes again in ...
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Battlefield 4 Screenshots

Some impressive gameplay from DICE's military shooter, Battlefield 4, was demoed during EA's  E3 press conference yesterday. While the ...
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Lightning Returns FF XIII E3 Trailer

Square Enix has just released the E3 trailer for Lightning Returns. In it you can see a few familiar faces. Although, after watching this trailer, ...
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Saints Row IV E3 Trailer

Well its that time of year again, and the E3 trailers are beginning to flow in now. With the bar already getting set pretty high, E3 trailers ...
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How To Watch The Xbox 2013 Media Briefing

E3 is just around the corner and with a disappointing console reveal (Check out our thoughts on the reveal here), I don’t know about you but ...
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