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Top 32 (Or So) of 2012 – Biggest Surprise of the Year

Welcome to Slimgamer’s end of the year coverage.  We took seven writers, gave them six categories, and locked them in a room until they’d ...
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New Content Coming To Dragons Dogma

At TGS, Capcom announced a wealth of new content that is coming to Dragons Dogma.  If you've been wanting to hop back into the world of ...
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Dragons Dogma Review

The best way to describe Capcom’s Dragons Dogma would be to call it a Hardcore Action RPG, harder than Skyrim, easier than Dark Souls, and with ...
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Dragons Dogma Demo Impressions

The demo for Capcom’s Dragons Dogma went live today on Xbox and PSN and those that were on the fence about buying the game are more than likely ...
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Dragons Dogma Screen 1

New Dragons Dogma Video Shows More Unique Gameplay

If you aren’t already eagerly anticipating this game, the new trailer should surely persuade you to be as excited as the rest of us. The ...
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Prepare Yourself for Thousands of Hours in Dragons Dogma

  Still playing Skyrim? Prepare yourself for another 1,000+ hours in an epic open-world RPG. You are ‘Arisen’, chosen by the ...
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