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Demon’s Souls: The Best RPG I Have Ever Played

After months of neglect, my copy of Demon’s Souls was left on my shelf gathering dust, but after watching the impressive Dark Souls 2 demo shown ...
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Dark Souls New All Saints’ Day Trailer

Demon's Souls was a sleeper hit of a game, that came out of nowhere with its unique look and intense difficulty. Dark Souls isn't a direct sequel ...
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Dark Souls

Dark Souls Trailer Shows Its Difficulty

For all of you who thought Demon's Souls was a hard game, just take a look at the newest trailer for Dark Souls. Even though Dark Souls is the ...
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Demon’s Souls Event and Servers Get Another Year

This past week, Atlus Games announced an event that will not only ease any newcomers into the brutally hard game's experience, but will offer ...
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