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A Life of Perpetual Monday – Randal’s Monday announced, Time-Looping Geek Adventure

Hamburg, Germany / Alicante, Spain; January 30, 2014 – Adventure gaming experts Daedalic Entertainment and Nexus Game Studios are teaming up to ...
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Get Your Face in Blackguards

Blackguards is an upcoming PC RPG set in the world of The Dark Eye and, thanks to a contest by the game's developer, you can now be part of it. ...
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The wolf that kicks off the story.

Blackguards – Impressions From E3

Blackguards was, for me, one of the biggest surprises of E3.  Going into the show, I'd never even heard of the game yet I left with it taking a ...
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Goodbye Deponia – Impressions from E3

Deponia, for those who aren't familiar with it, is a point-and-click adventure series that's very reminiscent of the Monkey Island series.  It ...
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