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crescent moon bundle

The Humble Crescent Moon Bundle arrives to fill all your Gaming Needs

It’s always a good time whenever a new Humble Mobile Bundle arrives, but today we got a treat in the form of the Humble Crescent Moon Bundle. ...
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deer god

The Deer God rises on Kickstarter

Crescent Moon Games have consistently brought unique games to mobiles, and they’ve got a new project up on Kickstarter called The Deer God. Fans ...
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optical inquisitor

Crescent Moon Games brings Optical Inquisitor 17+ to Android

I’m a sucker for a good sniper game, and when they involve Stickman snipers… well, just say I’m sold. If you feel the same way, you’ll be ...
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blocky roads
8 Score

Review: Blocky Roads for Android

What happens when you combine a racing game with Minecraft and throw in some building elements for good measure? You get Blocky Roads from DogByte ...
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