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trivia crack
9.5 Score

Trivia Crack Review

As much as we have tried to stay away… it’s happened, we finally got sucked into Trivia Crack. The game is the latest mobile title to take the ...
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Quick Review: Yahtzy LIVE

Board and dice games aren’t the force they once were, but many of the classics have found their way to mobiles over the years. There are several ...
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bust a move islands
7.5 Score

Bust-A-Move Islands Review

Some call it Puzzle Bobble or Bubble Bobble while others prefer Bust-A-Move. Chances are you recognize one of those monikers as the popular popping ...
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rick and mortys jerry's game
7.5 Score

Rick and Morty: Jerry’s Game Review

Adult Swim has put out some great mobile games over the past year, and a new one arrived earlier this month with Rick and Morty: Jerry’s Game. ...
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dumb ways to die 2

Android Game of the Week: Dumb Ways to Die 2

There were a lot of great Android games released this week, and it was tough to pick a favorite. In all honesty, Hearthstone would have been a lock ...
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Tilt To Live: Gauntlet’s Revenge Planned This Month

  If you've ever played any of the previous Tilt to Live games, then you're probably going to like this news: One Man Left Studios has ...
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let there be life

Backward pieS brings Let There Be Life to Android

We always try to keep an eye out for interesting games here at Slimgamer, and today we found a new one by the name of Let There Be Life by Backward ...
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8 Score

Clamber Review

One-tap games are plentiful in the Play Store, but we got a new one this week that's just a wee bit different than the rest. Clamber is the name of ...
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Go on a Puzzling Pirate Adventure with Mojo Bones’ The Voyage

Mojo Bones first caught our attention with the quirky platformer Tongue Tied! back in 2011 before switching gears to release the puzzle game known ...
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5.5 Score

Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff Review – Giggity Groan…

We talked about Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff last week, and we’ve spent quite a bit of time with the game since it was in its Beta form. After ...
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