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Max Gentlemen Review: Attack of the Hats

It’s only natural that The Men Who Wear Many Hats eventually release a game that actually involves hats. It was bound to happen sooner or ...
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8 Score

Foodie Yama Review – The Timberman Clone That Looks Awesome

Timberman is a pretty well known arcade concept, but ever since Flappy Bird has made the rounds on the app store, the various Flappy Bird styled ...
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9 Score

Zoi Review – A Gruelingly Difficult Arcade Block Jumper

Recently we have seen a huge influx of new 'block jumper' games that offer similar gameplay to The Impossible Game. Block jumpers are simple games ...
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kick the critter
7 Score

Kick the Critter Review

People have been launching things on mobile devices for years now. If you’ve grown tired of flinging fowl across these screen, you’ll want to ...
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8 Score

Magnetic Pull Review – A Brand New Indie Puzzle

I always love trying out new unheard of puzzle games; it's likely you'll find some kind of brand new unique concepts that many big developers are a ...
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6.5 Score

Box Bounce Review

Box Bounce is a brand new indie iOS arcade game developed by Rob White. The game has a few interesting concepts to it, but overall it's a very ...
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6.5 Score

Bungle! Review – Test Your Reflexes in A New Fast Paced Arcade Touch Game

A small development team by the name of Ghost Crab Games have just released a brand new iOS and Android game called Bungle! In Bungle! players must ...
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Flashback Fridays: Pollushot

Angry Birds may have made the slingshot mechanic popular on mobiles, but it isn’t the only game out there that utilizes a wrist-rocket. Pollushot ...
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Android Game of the Week: Pigs Can’t Fly

Pigs can be cute, but they aren’t necessarily thought of as agile beasts. They can’t fly, but the piggy hero of Chillsters Pigs Can’t Fly has ...
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7.5 Score

Flea Flee Gold Review

Flea Flee Gold is a brand new iOS arcade game created by a solo developer. The graphics in Flea Flee Gold are simple, the sound is non-existent, ...
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