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Jet Set Radio Mysteriously Removed From iOS App Store

Thanks to the beastly hardware within modern day smartphones, many developers have managed to port over some of their older console games to ...
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6.5 Score

Box Bounce Review

Box Bounce is a brand new indie iOS arcade game developed by Rob White. The game has a few interesting concepts to it, but overall it's a very ...
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Check Out These Paid iOS Games That Have Just Gone Free

Every now and then, app developers decide to change up their monetization model a little, and this can usually make a big impact on the game's ...
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Your Pizza Adventure Combines Film and Gaming

LOS ANGELES - Each and every week more than 15 thousand apps are created, Apple alone has reached an astounding 40 billion downloads!  Apps that ...
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New Dizzy Game Announced

It's no yolk!! Okay, so maybe this is just me who's excited about this, but Codemasters recently published a cryptic looking website (www.eggc...
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