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Angry Birds Transformers for Android has finally arrived

Rovio let a lot of folks down when they decided to release Angry Birds Transformers onto the App Store, and left Android gamers in the dark. Well, ...
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Angry Birds Stella Released by Rovio

Oh, yay! - Another Angry Birds game! you may groan and mumble when you hear about a new Angry Birds release making it to the app store, but ...
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angry birds epic

Rovio unleashes Angry Birds Epic for Android and iOS

If you’ve wanted Rovio to do something different, you’ve probably been waiting with bated breath for Angry Birds Epic to roll out. Well, today ...
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7 Score

Bina Blocks Review – The Angry Birds Anti-hero

Bina Blocks is a brand new iOS game that takes a new approach on the concept behind Angry Birds. In Bina Blocks, the objective of the game is to ...
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Rovio Announces New Mobile Game Publishing Studio

Rovio has almost squeezed everything it can out of the Angry Birds franchise, and whilst they aren't ready to give up on their extremely successful ...
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6.5 Score

Angry Birds Go! Review

Remember when Angry Birds first popped into our lives and Rovio was just getting started? Those days are long gone as those angry little birds have ...
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