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Mighty No. 9 – Living the Gaming Past on a Present Platform

Let’s face it. There is something surreal, almost magical plowing through the truly classic games even if they were from the 16 or even 8-bit ...
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EA Sports Reveals The 50 Best-Rated Players in FIFA 14

EA Sports has just revealed the top 50 highest rated players that will be featured in FIFA 14.  Check out the list below to see where your ...
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Watch Dogs – Just Because You Don’t See Them Doesn’t Mean They’re Not There

  An unknown vigilante infiltrates a top secret computer, accessing hundreds of files and records of high ranking officials. What will be ...
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Bound By Flame Heading To PS4 – Plus Screenshots!

Bound by Flame, the new RPG from Spiders Studios, was recently unveiled to the international press at Gamescom in Cologne, and is set for release ...
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GTA V – Official Online Trailer

The latest GTA V trailer just dropped today and it focuses entirely on the Online mode.  Of course, this is the mode where I spent most of my ...
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Splinter Cell: Blacklist – Ghost Panther Assault

The latest gameplay trailer to the next installment in the iconic Splinter Cell series released today. It is not a trailer for a “Splinter Cell: ...
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Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate – New Screenshots and Trailer

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate is the final evolution of the DoA5 formula.  Featuring new modes, costumes, characters, stages, and character customiza...
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Grand Theft Auto V: Official Gameplay Video

The highly anticipated gameplay trailer for one of the biggest series in video games was released today. To say it was amazing is an understateme...
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Fedeartion Day, the best misison in the game.  It's also very, very pretty.

Call of Duty: Ghosts Preview

A few weeks ago at E3 I was treated to a special showing of the latest game in a series I’m sure you’ve all heard of.  I was seated in a ...
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6.5 Score

The Walking Dead: 400 Days Review

The first season of The Walking Dead was something of a surprise hit; Telltale was known for making good games but Walking Dead was beyond good. ...
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