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BIT.TRIP Compilations Coming to Wii and 3DS

Aksys Games recently announced that BIT.TRIP compilations will be heading to retail shelves on both the Nintendo Wii and 3DS systems.  BIT.TRIP ...
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E3 2011 Nintendo Press Conference

E3 Coverage: Nintendo Press Conference

So here we have it, the conference we have all been waiting for, Nintendo takes centre stage for the press event of 2011’s E3. Fortunately, very ...
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Rumour: Wii Successor to be Unveiled at E3

GameInformer claims to have spoken with several developers about a possible successor to the Wii.  According to their sources, Nintendo will ...
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Disney Epic Mickey Takes to the Streets with Advertising

With just a few short weeks until the release of Disney Epic Mickey, Disney Interactive Studios has hit the streets and is taking over public ...
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