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Nintendo under pressure from shareholders to enter mobile market

Japanese gaming giant Nintendo has been put under increasing pressure to join the mobile gaming race. Hedge fund manager Seth Fischer from the Hong ...
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Wii U Update is Downloading Right Now

Nintendo's big Wii U update, originally planned for summer and later delayed to the fall, has officially gone live.  Coming out just in time for ...
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European Boxart

Pandora’s Tower Announced for North American Release

Remember Operation Rainfall?  It took a while, but gamers in North America are finally getting the complete trilogy.  It was announced yesterday ...
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Kirby Dream Collection Screenshot 1

Kirby’s Dream Collection Review

Kirby isn’t exactly what you would call a blockbuster franchise.  I mean, sure, he’s in Smash Bros. and is considered one of Nintendo’s big ...
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xenoblade logo

Xenoblade Chronicles Finally Comes To North America

Wii users rejoice! The highly sought after, acclaimed RPG for the Wii is finally shipping to western shores. After being announced years ago, ...
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Skyward Sword is 50 To 100 Hours Long

Nintendo has strongly been hinting that Skyward Sword would be the biggest Zelda game ever, but at their pre-Tokyo Game Show conference we now ...
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Dragon Quest X Announced for Wii and Wii U

At a press conference in Japan, Nintendo and Square Enix announced details on the upcoming Dragon Quest X for Wii. The game will be an online MMO ...
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Kirby’s Return to Dream Land dreamin’ on Oct. 24

Kirby's Return to Dream Land is shaping up to be an amazing return to form for Kirby and one of two high-profile releases for the Wii this year, ...
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GameMill Entertainment Announces Country Dance 2

I'm a man of eclectic tastes. I enjoy the soothing rhythms of The Wu-Tang Clan, as well as the more funky fresh beats of a Barry Manilow Greatest ...
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Skyward Sword Gets A Release Date

I hope you weren't too fond of your money this November, because yet another game is set to take it from you this year. The newest entry in The ...
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