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The Cave Comes to Mobile

The Cave was created at Double Fine Productions by Ron Gilbert - creator of Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion - and was released in January of ...
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Attack On Titan Game Coming To 3DS

In case you hadn't heard, Attack on Titan is the super-popular anime that took the internet by storm earlier this summer. The steampunk, dark-fan...
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Kickstarter: The jaw-dropping effect of a game called Drop.

 Drop is a Female Power Fantasy game with graphics to die for. Although, you can't die. Made out of love for a baby daughter, the game has such a ...
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Dominate On The Go With Tank Domination

Everyone loves a good round of tank combat, don't they?  Of course they do, which is why the Russian game developers known as Game Insight are ...
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Aarklash Legacy Teaser

Aarklash: Legacy New Gameplay Trailer

Indie Developer Cyanide Studio just released their latest title Aarklash: Legacy for the world to see. This tactical RPG, focused on intense ...
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Bound by Flame Teaser

Bound by Flame New Teaser Trailer

Bound by Flame, the next RPG from indie developer Spiders Studio, just unleashed a new teaser trailer that will surely peak your interest. It ...
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Need for Speed Rivals Gameplay – Racer Customization

EA has just released a new gameplay video for the upcoming Need for Speed Rivals that shows off the car customization features.  The customiza...
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New Wind Waker HD Videos Show Off The Opening and Gamecube Comparison

Nintendo has just released a set of  Japanese videos for The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD and they look absolutely stunning.  The first of ...
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Call of Duty: Ghosts Singleplayer Trailer

Call of Duty is back, and if you're a fan you already know all there is to know. Now we have a little more for you to know: Take a look at the ...
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Dragon Eternity Launch Trailer

[jwplayer mediaid="13639"]   MOSCOW and SAN FRANCISCO – September 6, 2013 – Game Insight, a world leader in mobile and social games, ...
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