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Good Times At The 2012 PlayStation Spring Showcase

This past Tuesday SlimGamer was invited to Sony’s Playstation Spring Showcase in Toronto.  So I packed my camera and hightailed it to the big ...
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Order Up PS3 Screenshot

Order Up!! PS3 Review

The popularity of cooking simulator games in this generation of motion and touch control gaming was a surprise success. Of course, this success was ...
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House of the Dead: Overkill – Extended Cut Review

This review is presented in HORRORAMA! The House of the Dead: Overkill is the killer app for the Playstation Move. It's vulgar, it's crude, and ...
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Child of Eden for PS3 Gets 3D and Move Support

Child of Eden was a trippy experience for the people who adored Rez and other crazy music games. It let you feel the music with the Xbox 360's ...
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PlayStation Move Ape Escape – Review

Grab your motion controllers, because Ape Escape has finally made it to the Playstation 3. In this Playstation Move only, downloadable title, ...
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SlimGamer At E3 2012 Featured Image

E3 Coverage: Sony Press Conference

Continuing my coverage of the press conferences at E3 this year, next up we have Sony…go grab some snacks people, this is going to be a long ...
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Top Spin 4 – Review

When 2K Sports sets out to make their next authentic sports title experience, they rarely only slap on the next number in the series and update the ...
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SOCOM 4 Campaign – Sneak Peek Behind The Scenes

With just a short wait left before the launch of SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs on April 19, 2011, Sony released a brand new video giving anxious fans a ...
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Killzone 3 Single Player Demo Coming February 15

One of the most hotly anticipated shooters for PlayStation 3 this year, Killzone 3, will be getting a single player demo on February the 15th. ...
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LittleBigPlanet 2 Arcade Trailer

LBP2 comes out tomorrow and US PS3 Blog has released a trailer - an action trailer - just in time for the release that is commencing tomorrow! ...
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