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Top 5 Dreamcst Fight Games In 5

Top 5 Sega Dreamcast Fighting Games in 5!

This is the first edition to the "Top 5 in 5!" segment from the Retro Sunday Channel. This episode features the top five Sega Dreamcast fighting ...
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Top 12 Videogame Commercials

Advertising is a large part of gaming.  It’s not uncommon for advertising to match or even exceed a game’s production budget.  A lot of this ...
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Celebrate Mega Man’s 25th With An Awesome Fanimation

This year marks the 25th anniversary for a ton of series. Final Fantasy, Kirby, and Metal Gear Solid to name a few. Among those greats is also ...
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Top 15 Memorable Quotes In Video Games

As gamers, a lot of the worlds, characters and music will never leave our hearts and minds. But something I don't see too often is some of the ...
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Resident Evil 5 Co-Op

Top 10 Best Co-Op Games

Co-operative gaming has become a staple of the mainstream market and there are in fact many titles which are specifically built in order to ...
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If trees could scream Cliffy still wouldn’t care.

Top 7 Iconic Weapons in Gaming Series

In video games it’s easy to forget that the weapon is just as memorable as the character, so I present to you the most iconic weapons from our ...
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Tomb Raider T-Rex

Top 5 Tomb Raider Moments

Lara Croft has been the face of the Tomb Raider franchise ever since the first game released back in 1996 by a near bankrupt company called Eidos ...
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Top 5 Frightening Moments in Video Games

Now when I say frightening I don’t mean BOO! I mean having the hairs on the back of your neck prickle and having an unshakable feeling of dread. ...
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5 Gaming Fight Moves That Could Actually Work In Real Life [Infographic]

We've all button mashed, spun the joystick counter-clockwise, or performed the quarter-circle forward / punch combination to get that on-screen ...
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The Innergie PocketCell gives power to the people!

Being an avid fan of general gadgetry and geekyness, it's no surprise that the Innergie has piqued my interest The Innergie PocketCell™  ...
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