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Xbox One VS Playstation 4

Xbox One The Xbox one is the next generation of Microsoft's Xbox series.  Its new, sleek build makes it a very eye catching piece, and a quote ...
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FIFA 13 Review

It’s hard to distinguish much difference in the annual release games, at least with games like Call Of Duty the story mode will be fresh, with ...
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Fable: The Journey – Review

And so our story begins… Fable: The Journey takes place 50 years after the closing events of Fable 3; you play as a young traveler called ...
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Madden NFL 13 Career Screenshot 1

EA Announces “Monumental” New Gameplay Feature For Madden NFL 13

E3 2012 is well under way now, and we've already had some of the press conferences, including Microsoft, Ubisoft, and EA. And it's EA's press ...
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Subsidized Consoles: A Possible Future For Gaming?

Interesting news on the Xbox front: According to The Verge, Microsoft is planning on launching a special Xbox bundle through their chain of ...
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Skyrim DragonFight

Kinect Support Coming to Skyrim

Available for free as a title update set to be released later this month, Kinect users will have access to over 200 voice commands from equipping ...
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Mass Effect 3 MP Screen 1

Mass Effect 3 Special Forces Multiplayer Trailer

The launch of Mass Effect 3 is just a month away now, and a lot of fans are still worried about how the multiplayer element will feel in the game. ...
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The Gunstringer Review

Kinect-based games are really starting to take the Xbox 360 to a new level in casual gaming. Sure, the more core games on the system are beginning ...
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Mike’s UFC Personal Trainer 30-Day Challenge: Day 30

Here we are people! The finish line! The final post in my UFC *Insert Rocky Training Montage Music Here* Challenge. Just over a month ago, I was ...
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Mike’s UFC Personal Trainer 30-Day Challenge: Day 25

Almost there people, this is the home straight! I can see the finish line, the end point of my 30 Day UFC *Insert Rocky Training Montage Music ...
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