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mma federation

MMA Sports Management Sim MMA Federation heads to Kickstarter

There are a slew of sports management sims available, but the MMA has gone unnoticed for the most part. That’s about to change thanks to a new ...
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Two out of Three Kickstarters succesful. And running: Spearpoint 1943 Eastern Front

With four published games and currently presenting a third addition to an awarded tabletop game series – this indie tabletop producer is worth ...
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Creative solutions for when you feel robbed: Bruce Heard about Calidar on Kickstarter

Bruce Heard is author of several products for the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy RPG. Once upon a time he wrote the popular Princess Ark stories, ...
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Lost in Space Like You’ve Never Been Lost In Space Before – NEW ORBIT EPISODE 2

NEW ORBIT isn't like anything you've ever played before.  Currently open on Kickstarter, NEW ORBIT by Markus Hofer is a game about gravity and ...
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leroy johnson in the greatest game ever logo

SpriteSoHard Studios brings Leroy Johnson In the Greatest Game Ever Made to Kickstarter

  We’ve seen video games set in all era’s, but one of our favorites is also one of the most forgotten… the 70s. Leroy Johnson In the ...
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A game surpassing classics in its field: Warring Kingdom on Kickstarter

When Harry met Trevor (in college) and Stephen (at their day job)... Three guys that love playing deck building games created a fantasy genre ...
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Go on a Musical Adventure with Pixelsphere

Music has always been an extremely important component to gaming. A game’s soundtrack sets the atmosphere and can help control a player’s ...
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long night

Prepare to be Scared with Trickster Face’s Long Night

The survival horror genre is one of the most entertaining genres in all of gaming. Unfortunately it is one that has been slowly fading away for ...
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lisa the painful RPG

Ending Soon: LISA the painful RPG

We’ve covered our fair share of games set in post-apocalyptic wastelands, but we’ve never really come across a game quite like LISA the painful ...
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Ink Brings Color to Kickstarter

Ink is a unique puzzle platformer with a papery premise.  Created by two guys from Chicago, Ink began it's life as an end of semester project that ...
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