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The Long Dark Kickstarter

Kickstarter Pick of the Week: The Long Dark from Hinterland Games

Survival games have become increasingly popular and, if you’re a fan of the genre, we have just the game for you. The Long Dark from Hinterland ...
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Kickstarter: At Skunkwerks Kinetic everyone has a say in the final product.

Skunkwerks Kinetic is a Canadian indie gaming company based in Vancouver where everyone, from modelers to programmers to writers, has a say in ...
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Top 5 Successful Kickstarter Projects of 2013

Kickstarter is a great place to find new video games, and there has been a lot of money tossed around on the crowdfunding platform since it first ...
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Crowdfunding Picks – River City Ransom: Underground from Conatus Creative

River City Ransom is an NES classic that a lot of gamers enjoyed growing up. It wasn’t Double Dragon, but it was pretty damned cool and had a ...
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No. 9 1

Mighty No. 9 – Living the Gaming Past on a Present Platform

Let’s face it. There is something surreal, almost magical plowing through the truly classic games even if they were from the 16 or even 8-bit ...
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