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Ultimate App Seeks to Bring Gamers Content via Kickstarter

Being a gamer myself, I enjoy browsing places like N4G and Reddit for news about happenings in the gaming industry, and I know thousands of ...
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deer god

The Deer God rises on Kickstarter

Crescent Moon Games have consistently brought unique games to mobiles, and they’ve got a new project up on Kickstarter called The Deer God. Fans ...
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Lost Paradise Hits Kickstarter

When it comes to Kickstarter gaming projects Lost Paradise is a rare breed. It blends several different gaming elements, from turn based combat to ...
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Kickstarter Pick of the Week: Sheltered from Unicube

Simulation games come in many different forms, and if you want to simulate something, there’s a good chance there’s a game for you. Sheltered ...
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Kickstarter Pick of the Week: Lanistawars: Titans

During the first half of 2014 there hasn't been many gaming Kickstarter projects that really jump out and intrigue potential backers. The guys at ...
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Kickstarter Pick of the Week: Popup Dungeon

We’re always on the prowl for interesting Kickstarter games, and we certainly found something different when we stumbled across Popup Dungeon ...
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Unlikely zombie outliers of the 3rd kind: Zpocalypse on Kickstarter

This is the third outstanding zombie Kickstarter of Greenbrier Games. Quite the achievement. It's hard to get noticed between the many zombie and ...
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Kickstarter SOS: Cult County from Renegade Kid

It’s time for another edition of Kickstarter SOS, where we try to put the word out about a Kickstarter game that needs a little help crossing the ...
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Pimp my Classic: Outcast HD on Kickstarter

Outcast is the action-adventure game that came out in 1999. Last year its developers bought it back from Atari, with a plan to revive the game, ...
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Combining Soccer and Fantasy – a New Highflyer on Kickstarter: KiCKeT!-ARENA

Currently over 200% and running on Kickstarter, KiCKeT!-ARENA, a quirky combination of fantasy and soccer in a tabletop, or better said, ground-t...
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