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Rising from the dead, into star-status on Kickstarter: City of Titans

Currently being a rising star on Kickstarter, from another perspective, City of Titans is a replica game from a company with no track record. The ...
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Kickstarter project World 1-1: Back when gaming didn’t make sense

For the love of storytelling. That's why Jeanette Garcia and Daryl Rodriguez want to make a documentary series about the history of gaming. ...
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rebuild gangs of deadsville

Sarah Northway Discusses Kickstarter and the Rebuild Series

Sarah Northway is the creator of the Rebuild series of zombie survival games.  Creating the majority of the games either by herself or with her ...
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Interview with Creator of Beyonder – An RPG 40 Years in the Making

Let’s take a moment to step back from the digital worlds we usually play in and bask in the glory of the games of yore.  We’re talking, of ...
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Interview with Hinterland Games, Developers of The Long Dark

Last week we introduced you to The Long Dark by Hinterland games, a game built around survival in the unforgiving northern wilderness.  This week ...
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Interview With Gaijin Entertainment

I recently got a chance to ask a few questions to Kirill  Yudinetsev, Creative Director at Gaijin Entertainment, most well known for their series ...
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Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare Preview

Plants vs. Zombies is becoming somewhat of a household brand now; everyone has played the original game or at least knows what it is. Having ...
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Beyond The Beep Version 3: Interview With Miracle of Sound

Music is a huge part the gaming industry and everyday life in general. There are many fabulously talented composers working in the industry, but ...
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rupert loman

Inside the Eurogamer Expo – An interview with Rupert Loman

With most of the gaming world looking towards Earls court in London this week for the Eurogamer Expo – I thought it would be nice to sit down ...
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“They let me choose, you know…”

An interview with Cortana To help celebrate the impending release of Halo 4 this year, I got chance to sit with one of the most influential ...
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