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His 3rd Kickstarter with over 300% funding: Uwe Eickert on Fief – France 1429

With previous Kickstarters backed up to 700%, their currently running campaign's 300% seems to be a bare minimum. Wow. An interview with princi...
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Fighting a war while helping its veterans: COIN on Kickstarter

With COIN Impact, Iraqi veteran Matthew Armstrong wanted to build a charity concept 'on top of fun'. Giving gamers an opportunity to help in the ...
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Two out of Three Kickstarters succesful. And running: Spearpoint 1943 Eastern Front

With four published games and currently presenting a third addition to an awarded tabletop game series – this indie tabletop producer is worth ...
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A game surpassing classics in its field: Warring Kingdom on Kickstarter

When Harry met Trevor (in college) and Stephen (at their day job)... Three guys that love playing deck building games created a fantasy genre ...
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long night

Prepare to be Scared with Trickster Face’s Long Night

The survival horror genre is one of the most entertaining genres in all of gaming. Unfortunately it is one that has been slowly fading away for ...
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Interview with Guido Henkel – Producer of Planescape: Torment and creator of Realms of Arkania

What do Planescape: Torment, Neverwinter Nights, Fallout 2, and the Realms of Arkania series have in common?  They were worked on, or created by, ...
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On Kickstarter: Triple A developers turning Indie to build an innovative game called Astrobase Command2

On Kickstarter: Triple A developers turning Indie to build an innovative game called Astrobase Command.

A couple of AAA-developers teaming up to make games that actually innovate. Their first project: a game to make your sci-fi fantasy come true. ...
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Attracting star-talent while campaigning with Kickstarter: Stasis.

The Stasis Kickstarter campaign has attracted attention from designers such as Brian Fargo, and talent like composer Mark Morgan (Zork Nemesis, ...
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A Kickstarter with a very a-typical protagonist. Meet Sen.

Cakemachine Games (CG) is a company made up of a couple of friends that wanted to create something classic yet refined and intuitive. The result: ...
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On Kickstarter: Oceania. True fantasy has no restrictions.

How to explain a game without restrictions? Perhaps its limitless features are best portrayed in its characters of the Underwater Class. These ...
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