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Volchaos Screen 2

The IndieGarden – VolChaos Review

It's an age old problem.  Your mortgage payments are due, you have alimony to pay and financially you're in a pretty bad way.  What's the ...
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Resident Evil 6 Screen 4

All Zombie Games Are The Same

Zombie's, brain eating freaks, the walking dead, ex girlfriends, whatever you want to call them, you can't deny that zombies are pretty much ...
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Puddle New Screenshots 4

Puddle Drips New Screenshots and Release Dates

Konami just released a bunch of new screenshots for their upcoming physics-based puzzle game Puddle. In them, gamers get a taste of the courses ...
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IndieGarden Banner

IndieGarden Spotlight – Shadow of a Soul: Chapter I

Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to a special edition of The IndieGarden. Today I have been given the opportunity to have a chat with ...
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The IndieGarden Presents: Star Ninja Review

So, like an out of control Katamari, The IndieGarden does not seem to want to stop! I recently had the chance to sit down and play Star Ninja by ...
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Minecraft In Your Pocket

Today Minecraft Mojang officially announced that it has released its first edition (Alpha o.1) of Minecraft: Pocket Edition. The game is currently ...
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Liquid Physics Game Vessel Coming This Holiday

As an avid fan of the indie and third party game scene, it gives me great pleasure to report that IndiePub and Strange Loop Games have announced ...
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The IndieGarden – Stick ‘Em Up 2: Paper Adventures

  If the Internet has taught us anything, it's that nothing written on it should be believed (apart from quality journalism of course), you ...
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Soul Review & Kydos Studios Interview

The XBox Live Indie Arcade is, without a doubt, every nerds sandbox dream, create a game that at least has a beginning and an end, give it the TLC ...
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Inflamous – Review

Inflamous is a game in which dreams come true.  Have you ever worked in an office with co workers who exist only to annoy you?  Don’t you ...
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