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Aarklash Legacy Teaser

Aarklash: Legacy New Gameplay Trailer

Indie Developer Cyanide Studio just released their latest title Aarklash: Legacy for the world to see. This tactical RPG, focused on intense ...
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Bound by Flame Teaser

Bound by Flame New Teaser Trailer

Bound by Flame, the next RPG from indie developer Spiders Studio, just unleashed a new teaser trailer that will surely peak your interest. It ...
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Crowdfunding Picks – River City Ransom: Underground from Conatus Creative

River City Ransom is an NES classic that a lot of gamers enjoyed growing up. It wasn’t Double Dragon, but it was pretty damned cool and had a ...
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Ground Pounders

Kerberos Ignites Ground Pounders Kickstarter

Vancouver-based indie developers, Kerberos Productions, have launched another crowd-funding project with Sword of the Stars: Ground Pounders. The ...
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Mush Trailer

Indie Browser-Based MMO Mush New Trailer

Motion-Twin, the developers of other well-received browser games like Teacher Story and Die2Nite, are bringing their fans a new multiplayer-mystery ...
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Kickstarter Games Tormenting the Industry

As avid gamers, we have all pondered what the most brilliant game ever created would be. We tell ourselves that, if someone would only design a ...
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Indiegarden: Monaco: What’s yours is mine!

Pocketwatch Games has been around since 2005, handcrafting the finest games out of all natural ingredients, including, but not limited to, caribou ...
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The Indiegarden: Genix

Watch this trailer: Now, you might be thinking to yourself “I don’t need to play this game, I have other more ...
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The IndieGarden – Hotline Miami Review

A man is lying on the floor in front of me, his pristine white suit jacket now a mockery with flecks of red smeared across it. He gurgles, his ...
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Eurogamer Expo 2012 – IndieGarden Special

The Eurogamer team have been investing more and more into the Indie gaming scene recently, not only with their traditional Indie Games Arcade ...
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