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Tic Tactics is as Brilliant as it is Simple

Have you ever really enjoyed Tic-Tac-Toe?  Be honest.  Sure, it's a great time waster when you're six but if you're like the rest of us you ...
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Get a Free Steam Key for Final Exam and Play Right Now

Final Exam is a 4 player co-operative beat'em up coming soon for PC, Playstation Network, and Xbox Live Arcade.  It's a game reminiscent of ...
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apotheon logo

Coming Soon: Apotheon from Alien Trap

People have always been enamored with ancient times, and video games are a great way to play around in the past. An upcoming game by the name of ...
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Where are they Now Indie Edition – Poltergeist: Pixelated Horror

In the spirit of Halloween, I thought it was time to check in on one of my personal favorites… Poltergeist: Pixelated Horror from Glitchy Pixel. ...
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iOS Indie Bundle

Thumb Arcade drops the iOS Indie Bundle

iOS gamers have a serious advantage over Android gamers when it comes to selection. The App Store is crammed full of top-tier titles and has ...
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fist of awesome

Bear-based Beat ‘em up Fist of Awesome goes Live

Everyone loves a good Retro game, and Fist of Awesome is a pixely title we've been keeping up with since it’s Kickstarter days. The project was ...
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Gas Guzzler Extreme Screenshot 1

Take the Wheel Now With Gas Guzzlers Extreme

Iceberg Interactive announced this week that their combat racer Gas Guzzlers Extreme is now available on Steam. Developed under the hood by indie ...
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Over 200 Games on Display at Indiecade This Weekend

More than 200 indie games are going to be on display at this weekend's Indiecade Festival, the premiere celebration of indie games.   Running ...
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This is Puzzle Knights-Ex Mojaro to Create New RPG

Puzzle Knights is a new iOS puzzle game/RPG with a rather impressive stable of developers behind it.  Drawing from alumni from various studios, ...
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Blissful Gaming-Might get to Sony Console Soon

For those of you who have enjoyed the meticulous attention to artful detail in games such as Okami, Ico, and Braid, there is a new game on the ...
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