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escape goat 2

Magical Time Bean releases Escape Goat 2

We’re used to seeing paladins, ogres, robots and even narwhal’s in video games – goats, not so much. There are a few goat-themed games set to ...
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humble indie bundle 11

Humble Indie Bundle 11 unleashes Guacamelee!, Monaco, The Swapper and more!

It’s Humble Bundle time again! The Bundle has been off the hook lately, and the Humble Indie Bundle 11 is definitely staying the course with 6 ...
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you must build a boat

10000000 developer announces new game, You Must Build a Boat

10000000 is one of the best puzzlers around, and fans of the game have been waiting to see what developer Luca Redwood would come up with next. The ...
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Beta Breakdown: Out There from Mi-Clos Studio

There are a lot of great Indie games floating around on the web, and waiting on a release date can be tough. Giving users early Beta and Alpha ...
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ludum dare

One Take and Titan Souls voted Best Overall in the Ludum Dare 28 Jam

If you dig Indie games, you’ve no doubt heard of the Ludum Dare and some of the awesome games it’s produced. The Ludum Dare 28 came to a close ...
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basketball dynasty manager

Manage you own Dream Team with DM14 Basketball Dynasty Manager

I'm a sucker for a good simulation game, and if it’s a sports sim… it’s an instant buy. Finding good sports sims on the mobile is no easy ...
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Steam Greenlight brings 100 New Games to Table

Everyone loves a good game, and Steam Greenlight is a great place to find some killer titles to tickle your brain and hone your reflexes. Yesterday ...
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Interview with Guido Henkel – Producer of Planescape: Torment and creator of Realms of Arkania

What do Planescape: Torment, Neverwinter Nights, Fallout 2, and the Realms of Arkania series have in common?  They were worked on, or created by, ...
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Your Pizza Adventure Combines Film and Gaming

LOS ANGELES - Each and every week more than 15 thousand apps are created, Apple alone has reached an astounding 40 billion downloads!  Apps that ...
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7 Score

A-Men 2 Review

If you're a fan of puzzle games and you're looking for a challenge, look no further, A-Men 2 is the game for you. Journey through labyrinth type 2D ...
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