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Kingston MobileLite Wireless Hardware Review

Most of you are likely wondering what the MobileLite device is. Well, the MobileLite Wireless is a wireless USB/SD/Smartphone and tablet reader ...
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Rosewill Galaxy-01 PC Case Review

Rosewill is certainly no stranger to PC cases, being a major player in both the high-end and budget level markets.  Their latest offering is the ...
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Olloclip Telephoto Lens Review

The standout descriptor of the Olloclip Telephoto Lens is simply utility, which it brings in abundance to the singularly functional iPhone 4/4s ...
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Xbox One Chat Headset

So, the Xbox One Chat Headset has been revealed. Unfortunately, there's not much I can say about it really; it's just your standard Xbox headset - ...
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Turtle Beach X12 Review

Being an avid fan of headsets and headphones, I was psyched to get this one. These headsets usually retail around £30.00/€35.00/$50.00, which ...
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Razer Review

Gadget Corner: Razer Roundup

Mike takes us through his latest collection of items from Razer. Featured in this video are the Taipan Mouse, the Naga Mouse and the Chimaera ...
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Gadget Corner: Vortex III 680 Gaming Laptop Review

Whilst gaming laptops are sometimes seen as a bit of a misnomer in the PC gaming industry there will always be people in the world who would prefer ...
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Gadget Corner: Samsung Series 7 Gaming Laptop Review

Model Reviewed: 700G7A ‘Gaming Laptop’ has always been a bit of an inside joke with technology enthusiasts and even PC gamers alike for years ...
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Gadget Corner: The Razer Experience

There’s a saying - “You need the right tools for the right job” and in many cases - people wouldn’t associate that saying with video games ...
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Gadget Corner: Google Nexus 7 Tablet Review

When looking for a tablet from a top brand at an affordable price, the Google Nexus is what you want.  As this was the first tablet I'd purchased, ...
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