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man eats fish
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Man Eats Fish Review

Man has been catching and eating fish for ages. While there are plenty of games that let you fish, Man Eats Fish is the first one we’ve encount...
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high sea saga

Kairosoft’s High Sea Saga arrives to plunder your coins

We generally get pumped up whenever a new Kairosoft game arrives, and we’ve gotten two new ones recently after a long dry spell. That said, ...
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bloons monkey city

Ninja Kiwi unleashes Bloons Monkey City for Android

Ninja Kiwi’s “Bloons” games have amassed millions of downloads on whatever platform they land. Today, the company brought one of their more ...
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Mobile Game of the Week: Evoland from Shiro Games

Evoland is an interesting little Indie that’s been moving towards a mobile release since back in 2013. It may have taken a while to get here, but ...
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anime studio story

Clear up your schedule, Anime Studio Story has arrived

It’s been a while since we’ve taken a look at a new Kairosoft game, and that’s because there is an insane amount of time between one release ...
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Humble Cartoon Network Bundle offers up 11 Android Games

It’s Bundle Time! The Humble Bundle store has come a long way in a short time, and we now see a new mobile bundle every few weeks compared to the ...
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Quick Review: Yahtzy LIVE

Board and dice games aren’t the force they once were, but many of the classics have found their way to mobiles over the years. There are several ...
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Q*bert makes a comeback with Q*bert Rebooted for Android

If you were alive the 80s, there’s a chance you stumbled into an arcade or two, and you probably dropped a couple of quarters into Q*bert. The ...
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fisherman's horizon

Android Game of the Week: Fisherman’s Horizon

Some people love a good pixely retro game while others find them a bit tiresome. We dig them so when we came across Fisherman’s Horizon from ...
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adventure time game wizard

Android Game of the Week: Adventure Time Game Wizard

Ever dream of making your own games? Do you love Adventure Time? If the answer is yes to either of those questions, you are if for a treat as ...
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