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humble bundle 12

The Humble PC & Android Bundle 12 adds Eufloria, Toast Time, and Solar Flux

Last week, the folks behind the Humble Bundle dropped a new one with the Humble PC & Android Bundle 12. It packed quite the wallop, and while ...
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Amazon throws a Birthday Sale with Free Android Games

We’ve seen a number of good gaming deals come our way this week, and if you own an Android handset or slate, we’ve got another great promo for ...
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outwitters 2.0
9 Score

Outwitters 2.0 Review

Base defense games have become quite popular on mobiles over the past few years, and gamers with iOS devices have been enjoying one called Outwit...
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ea UFC

EA Sports UFC Mobile Soft-Launch Preview

We’ve seen a number of soft-launches this year, and a number of major games are currently being tested in various parts of the world like New ...
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Double Eleven brings Frozen Synapse Prime to Android

Tactical-based mobile games are a dime a dozen, so whenever we see something interesting come along, we certainly pay attention. That’s the case ...
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Nvidia Shield Console

Nvidia gets into the Console Game with the Shield Android Console

Nvidia is a name all gamers should know, and they’ve made some new fans over the past few years with gadgets like the Nvidia Shield handheld and ...
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Android Game of the Week – Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire

Our choice for the best of the bunch this week comes from Nitrome, and goes by the name of Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire. It’s a game folks on iOS ...
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because zombies
8 Score

Because Zombies Review

We have covered numerous zombie games over the years at Slimgamer, and they come in many different shapes and forms. From runners to shooters and ...
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merchants of kaidan

Android Game of the Week: Merchants of Kaidan

Crafting has become a mechanic used in a lot of games, but trading is where it’s at for some gamers. There are plenty of games that let you trade ...
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Quick Review: Pukka Golf

There are golf games aplenty if you’re looking to hit up the links on your mobile device, but as with most things, some are much better than ...
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