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SlimGamer Community Night #2 – The Grand Return!

SlimGamer Community Night #2 - The grand return! The few, the brave and the downright foolish decided to band together - PC and laptops in hand ...
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SlimGamer Community Night

SlimGamer is holding another Community Night! That’s right, folks! Us proud few in the UK are holding another rip-roaring Community Night. A ...
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Razer Review

Gadget Corner: Razer Roundup

Mike takes us through his latest collection of items from Razer. Featured in this video are the Taipan Mouse, the Naga Mouse and the Chimaera ...
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idol words

Idol Words – New iOS game from Outplay Entertainment

Outplay Entertainment - who previously brought you iOS titles such as MonstAR Truck and Word Trick - are at it again with their addictive word-b...
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SimCity Video Review Part 2 – Returning to Little Swallow

Mike returns to his happy little den of pollution as he continues to battle against the rising need for cheap residential and cheaper thrills with ...
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Bioshock Infinite Review

If you’re going to try and bring a first person shooter into the video game market these days, you’re going to need to bring something pretty ...
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SimCity Video Review Part 1 – The journey begins…

Community Manager Mike Smith takes us on a journey through his sandbox experience in SimCity...
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New Nvidia drivers – ready for Bioshock Infinite/Tomb Raider

Being the salivating tech-hound that I am, I thought it only fair to bring you news that Nvidia have recently released a new set of GeForce ...
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Tomb Raider Review

Like it or not, over the years Lara Croft has become something of a joke in the video game industry. Rewind back to 1996 when Lara first exploded ...
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Gears of War: Judgment Review

These days, action video games aren’t known for having a strong and engrossing single player experience.  There are exceptions, naturally but by ...
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