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BioShock Infinite False Shepherd Trailer Teaser

BioShock Infinite False Shepherd Trailer Arrives

Irrational Games just released another hot new trailer today for their upcoming game, BioShock Infinite. In it, you get a look at the nail-bi...
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Halo 4 1

SlimGamer Podcast Episode #10 – We’re Still Here

Mike, Justin, Simon, and Hayes discuss the latest big releases and other video game topics. Download - 01:07:20 minutes, 39MB iTunes: Subscr...
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SlimGamer Podcast Episode #9 – Dressed to the Nines

Mike, Justin, Simon, Sean, and Hayes discuss more Eurogamer Expo 2012 goodness and other video game topics. Download - 01:15:55 minutes, ...
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XCOM: Enemy Unknown Review

It is getting tough for gamers lately to finally get a game that has been sought after for a number of years. Most of the time, an HD remake is the ...
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NBA 2K13 Screenshot 5

NBA 2K13 Review

Basketball simulation fans everywhere can rest easy knowing 2K Sports has once again released a top notch game this year. Everything that made last ...
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Borderlands 2 Screenshot 4

Borderlands 2 Giveaway!

Thanks to 2K Games, we have a copy of the recently released Borderlands 2 on Xbox 360 to giveaway. As always, we're keeping it simple. How to ...
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Borderlands 2 Screenshot 1

Borderlands 2 PS3 Review

In the event that you thought you've had enough Borderlands and that a sequel wasn't possible without simply giving gamers more of the same, you ...
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SlimGamer Podcast Episode #8 – Out Of Ten

Mike is back, and Justin is coincidentally absent. Download - 1:20:35 minutes, 47MB iTunes: Subscribe - Review [jwplayer mediaid="977...
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SlimGamer Podcast Episode #7 – The Justin Show

Justin takes over. Download - 0:46:38 minutes, 28MB iTunes: Subscribe - Review [jwplayer mediaid="9410"]   Topics Ssssssssexy ...
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XCOM Enemy Unknown Screenshot 6

New XCOM: Enemy Unknown Casualties of War Trailer

2K Games and Firaxis Games just released the "Casualties of War" trailer for their upcoming game XCOM: Enemy Unknown. There's so much going on in ...
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