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Simon Cranmer

Zombie Driver HD Featured

Zombie Driver HD – Screenshots and Trailer

Lets face it, there's an awful lot of zombie games available on nearly every gaming platform out there. From Dead Rising and Left 4 Dead to the ...
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WWE13 Featured Image

WWE 13 DLC Details

THQ have announced their DLC plans for their upcoming title in their flagship wrestling series WWE 13. there will be 3 pieces of content available ...
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trials evolution feature

Trials Evolution – Origin of Pain DLC Review

When Red Lynx released Trials Evolution, the sequel to their best selling physics based racer Trials HD back in April, everyone knew it was going ...
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Assassins-Creed feature image

Assassin’s Creed – The Story So Far

Assassins Creed has taught us many things since the first game was released in November 2007 such as – Yes, you can jump off a very tall building ...
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f1 feature image

F1 2012 Review

It's lights out and away we go for Codemasters, as their latest Formula 1 game comes screaming towards the last corner destined for victory. But ...
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F1 2012 Competition

It's lights out and away we go!!  Yes that's right folks, have been given some prizes worthy of a Formula 1 World Champion by the ...
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f1 2012

F1 2012 Demo Impressions

The circus that is the sport of Formula 1 is set to return to consoles and PC's this month with the release of Codemasters' latest game, F1 2012. ...
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Video Games. Are They To Blame?

  Video games.  The very medium which all of us here at Slimgamer as well as all of you sexy people who are reading this love, seem to ...
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gta 5 feature image

The GTA5 Rumour Mill

Unless you've been living under a rock recently, you can't have failed to notice that Rockstar North have announced a new game in their mainstay ...
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Madden NFL 13 Screenshot 2

Madden NFL 13 Demo Impressions

Tuesday saw the demo release of one of the most anticipated sports games of this year; Madden NFL 13. So what's new in this year's release? Read ...
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