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Simon Cranmer


Madden NFL 13 Review

Some things in life are guaranteed – like that package you've been waiting in for all day arriving just when you nip out for two minutes or your ...
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Angry Birds Trilogy Review

Aside from being the original bird flinging simulator and the first game to take full advantage of touch screen controls, Angry Birds is arguably ...
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Xi: Continuum Announced

nDreams today announced the upcoming release of Xi: Continuum – the sequel to the 2009 console based and highly original alternate reality game ...
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F1 race Stars Review

At first glance Codemasters latest racer F1 Race Stars seems a peculiar game as it mixes all the tight corners, overtaking and DRS zones of real ...
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007 Legends Review

Bond. Perhaps there's no other character in the world who can produce so much controversy between long time friends and family over which particu...
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Forza Horizon Review

Anyone who looks at Forza Horizon expecting all of the accurate replicas of circuits that the Forza franchise has been known for ever since the ...
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The Slim Opinion – Halloween Special

Halloween, a time for witches, werewolves, ghouls, ghosts and young children dressed up as anything from Spongebob Squarepants to Frankenstein ...
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Assassins Creed 3 Review

When we last saw Desmond and Ezio they had both just learned that the first civilization had built various vaults around the world so that they ...
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Zombie Driver HD Review

Zombies. The Undead. The Horde. We have lots of names for these brain eating freaks and an awful lot of video games to go with them. From Dead ...
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WRC 3 ‘Boss Mode’ Revealed

With less than a week to go until the launch of the latest sideways racing game WRC 3, new challenges and boss battles have been announced for the ...
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