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After a successful Kickstarter campaign – SKYJACKER wants seconds

Earlier this year Digitilus - a Santa Monica, California based indie - proudly placed the green label “Funded with Kickstarter” on an app ...
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The successful Kickstarter campaign of Worlds of Magic: a game constantly shaped by its future players.

Worlds of Magic has already more than doubled its target of $5,000. But the team behind Wastelands Interactive, an indie company located in Poland, ...
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The Mandate: A Kickstarter project that’s learning from the mistakes of Faster Than Light

At Perihelion Interactive LLC the team is learning from the mistakes of others - and building on the strengths of classic space combat games like ...
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Kickstarter: The jaw-dropping effect of a game called Drop.

 Drop is a Female Power Fantasy game with graphics to die for. Although, you can't die. Made out of love for a baby daughter, the game has such a ...
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Kickstarter: In Citizens of Earth you get to be a useless clown, eh…Vice President.

And yet this game already has quite a fan-base and is receiving a lot of exciting reviews. That would also be what Ryan Vandendyck - founder of the ...
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Kickstarter: At Skunkwerks Kinetic everyone has a say in the final product.

Skunkwerks Kinetic is a Canadian indie gaming company based in Vancouver where everyone, from modelers to programmers to writers, has a say in ...
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