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Dive deep into Scandinavian Magic: Festival of Magic on Kickstarter

With a storyline that brings you back to Lord of The Rings landscapes and a hint of the classic Japanese RPGs of yore - this turn-based combat game ...
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The overwhelming success of something so simple: Life-Spot on Kickstarter

When romance meets product development... It's such a refreshing idea, when product development has all the ingredients of a romantic story – the ...
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On Kickstarter: Triple A developers turning Indie to build an innovative game called Astrobase Command2

On Kickstarter: Triple A developers turning Indie to build an innovative game called Astrobase Command.

A couple of AAA-developers teaming up to make games that actually innovate. Their first project: a game to make your sci-fi fantasy come true. ...
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Attracting star-talent while campaigning with Kickstarter: Stasis.

The Stasis Kickstarter campaign has attracted attention from designers such as Brian Fargo, and talent like composer Mark Morgan (Zork Nemesis, ...
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A fully backed Kickstarter based on the story of a plant specimen. Paradise Lost: First Contact.

It's as if the makers of Astree Works have zoomed in on every detail for their game Paradise Lost: First Contact (PL:FC) - not just the pixels. The ...
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A Kickstarter with a very a-typical protagonist. Meet Sen.

Cakemachine Games (CG) is a company made up of a couple of friends that wanted to create something classic yet refined and intuitive. The result: ...
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Big claims on Kickstarter: Triple-A MMORPG’s all seem to be clones. InSomnia is not.

The team behind MONO, a multinational indie Studio, feels that Triple A MMORPG’s all seem to be clones of several previously successful systems. ...
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On Kickstarter: Oceania. True fantasy has no restrictions.

How to explain a game without restrictions? Perhaps its limitless features are best portrayed in its characters of the Underwater Class. These ...
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Rising from the dead, into star-status on Kickstarter: City of Titans

Currently being a rising star on Kickstarter, from another perspective, City of Titans is a replica game from a company with no track record. The ...
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Kickstarter project World 1-1: Back when gaming didn’t make sense

For the love of storytelling. That's why Jeanette Garcia and Daryl Rodriguez want to make a documentary series about the history of gaming. ...
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