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Steel Waves: A kickstarter so realistic the naval army could use it

The demo of MMO Steel Waves is 12 weeks in the making and described as rather 'pre-alpha' - whilst showing just one of the battleships the game ...
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Just funded on Kickstarter: Sci-Fi Anime RPG Mecha vs Kaiju

"Mecha vs Kaiju" (MvK ) is a role playing game made up of a dashing combination of Japanese anime robots fighting Japanese movie monsters (think ...
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A peculiar French board game huge success as USA Kickstarter: Zombie 15′

A France-based game and toy publisher, IELLO, is launching their new tabletop for the USA market on Kickstarter. The campaign has reached almost ...
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Bashing God in a New Game on Kickstarter: Nature Hater

Adam Comiskey is company director of the British multi-award winning animation studio Pew36. Together with tech guru Nick Thomas they're launch...
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A ton of experience in the gaming industry – with Kickstarter he made a huge mistake: CEO Nazarenko on Astro Lords

CEO and Executive Producer Asreniy Nazarenko has been in the game industry for more than 12 years; made dozens of titles for many platforms for ...
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His 3rd Kickstarter with over 300% funding: Uwe Eickert on Fief – France 1429

With previous Kickstarters backed up to 700%, their currently running campaign's 300% seems to be a bare minimum. Wow. An interview with princi...
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Fighting a war while helping its veterans: COIN on Kickstarter

With COIN Impact, Iraqi veteran Matthew Armstrong wanted to build a charity concept 'on top of fun'. Giving gamers an opportunity to help in the ...
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Two out of Three Kickstarters succesful. And running: Spearpoint 1943 Eastern Front

With four published games and currently presenting a third addition to an awarded tabletop game series – this indie tabletop producer is worth ...
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Creative solutions for when you feel robbed: Bruce Heard about Calidar on Kickstarter

Bruce Heard is author of several products for the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy RPG. Once upon a time he wrote the popular Princess Ark stories, ...
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A game surpassing classics in its field: Warring Kingdom on Kickstarter

When Harry met Trevor (in college) and Stephen (at their day job)... Three guys that love playing deck building games created a fantasy genre ...
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