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Unlikely zombie outliers of the 3rd kind: Zpocalypse on Kickstarter

This is the third outstanding zombie Kickstarter of Greenbrier Games. Quite the achievement. It's hard to get noticed between the many zombie and ...
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Pimp my Classic: Outcast HD on Kickstarter

Outcast is the action-adventure game that came out in 1999. Last year its developers bought it back from Atari, with a plan to revive the game, ...
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Combining Soccer and Fantasy – a New Highflyer on Kickstarter: KiCKeT!-ARENA

Currently over 200% and running on Kickstarter, KiCKeT!-ARENA, a quirky combination of fantasy and soccer in a tabletop, or better said, ground-t...
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True Necromance: The Weird Story Of Waldemar The Warlock, on Kickstarter

The Weird Story Of Waldemar The Warlock is a game with a story so exceptional, we might be faced with something unique. What's the deal? A protag...
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Brand new game-play in a Medieval Horror setting: Dead Crusade on Kickstarter

“There has never been a game that properly fuses both genres together”, according to Scott Petty, creative director of Aesthetic Games Inc, ...
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Taking Customization up to the Level of your 3Dreams: MyDream on Kickstarter

Even Allison Huynh, one of the key team members of MyDream, admits that their project is difficult to boil down to one newsworthy mention. ...
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A Dungeon Crawl for 5-year-olds, Little Dungeon: Turtle Rock on Kickstarter

Ed from Austin, Texas, is described as 'Skull-smashing mad computer scientist in your base' and 'Hack of all Trades'. Don't let introductions ...
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Michael Cole’s 7 Dos and Don’ts for Crowd-funding

Marketing Director Michael Cole's first – and rather romantic - encounter with KS marketing was when he encouraged his parents, the old-school ...
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A dinosaur game that has the rawness of being beast: Apex on Kickstarter

It's impressive how a deck of cards can make you sense the rawness of being a dinosaur, of surviving in nature, amongst the beasts. How can 500+ ...
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Game Industry VIP’s backing their own Parody: Game Developerz on Kickstarter

Game Developerz let's you 'play' the industry. The game has been receiving great responses of some of the industry's big players, such as: "Fun ...
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