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Michael Hand

8.5 Score

Dragon Eternity – An Epic World for an Epic Hero

Dragon Eternity is an exciting, innovating, new game from Game Insight sure to provide hours of in depth game play.  In this massive multi-player ...
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Blissful Gaming-Might get to Sony Console Soon

For those of you who have enjoyed the meticulous attention to artful detail in games such as Okami, Ico, and Braid, there is a new game on the ...
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No. 9 1

Mighty No. 9 – Living the Gaming Past on a Present Platform

Let’s face it. There is something surreal, almost magical plowing through the truly classic games even if they were from the 16 or even 8-bit ...
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Watch Dogs – Just Because You Don’t See Them Doesn’t Mean They’re Not There

  An unknown vigilante infiltrates a top secret computer, accessing hundreds of files and records of high ranking officials. What will be ...
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Can Game of Thrones Dethrone MMORPG Leaders?

Game of Thrones, the extremely successful American fantasy series, had been incredibly popular since the show's inception. In fact, the book series ...
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When Good Consoles Go Bad

  We have all been in that agonizing situation before. After investing hundreds of hours in a game and struggling through level after ...
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Kickstarter Games Tormenting the Industry

As avid gamers, we have all pondered what the most brilliant game ever created would be. We tell ourselves that, if someone would only design a ...
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