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Pay What You Want for 9 eBooks About Videogames

Here's an interesting take on the "pay what you want" style bundle: is offering a collection of 6 eBooks about videogames for a ...
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Canadian Pricedrop: Mario Kart 7, 3D Land, and NSMB2 only $34.99

Good news for us Canadians, Nintendo is dropping the price of 3 of the 3DS' best selling games to only $34.99.  While this is $5 more than their ...
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Secret Ponchos Gearing Up for PC/Early Access Release in Addition to PS4

Vancouver-based Switchblade Monkeys is excited to announce that its spaghetti western multiplayer combat game, Secret Ponchos, is not only rustlin' ...
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RUMOUR: Metal Gear Solid’s Raiden to be in Smash Bros.

Here's an interesting rumour.According to this interview with voice actor Reuben Langdon, the VA best known for voicing Dante in Devil May ...
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Radical Dreamers – The Chrono Trigger Sequel You Never Played

Chrono Trigger is considered by many to be the best of it's genre.  Originally released for the Super Nintendo in 1995, Chrono Trigger was ...
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Famitsu Reveals Japanese PS4 Software Sales

Sony's Playstation 4 was released in the land of the rising sun on February 22 and, according to sales tracker Famitsu, has done very well for ...
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We’ll Hear More About Mistwalker’s Next Project on Tuesday

Mistwalker (and it's founder Hironobu Sakaguchi) was a pretty prominent developer last generation.  They gave us Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey on ...
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SNES CD Details Uncovered

Anyone familiar with gaming history knows that the Playstation was originally a CD based addon for the SNES, but beyond a few concept sketches here ...
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Developers Help Fan Use Game To Propose To His Girlfriend

This is a heartwarming story if there ever was one.  The gang over at Larian Studios sent us this story and they even took a video so we could all ...
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5 Obscure Handheld Consoles You’ve Never Heard Of

Last week we took a look at 5 Obscure Consoles You've Never Heard Of and this week we're going to do the same thing, only we're going to shrink ...
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