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PS Plus Required For Multiplayer on Playstation 4

During Sony's press conference this evening, a lot of information was released. While they talked a bit about PS Plus and the features it would ...
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What Is Plants Vs. Zombies Garden Warfare?

While thousands are gearing up preparing for the news bombardment that E3 will throw at us, the Los Angeles Convention Center is doing prepar...
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Watch Dogs’ E3 Trailer Leaked Early

When Watch Dogs was unveiled last year at E3, it was arguably the  biggest surprise of the entire show. No doubt Ubisoft would prefer you to watch ...
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Nintendo At E3-Things Are Different This Year

With the unveiling of the two next-gen monstrosities that are the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One, how does Nintendo stop itself from being ...
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Kiefer Sutherland is Solid Snake In Metal Gear Solid V

News came just over a week ago that longtime Solid Snake voice actor David Hayter would not be reprising his role in Metal Gear Solid V. During ...
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Lightning Returns FF XIII E3 Trailer

Square Enix has just released the E3 trailer for Lightning Returns. In it you can see a few familiar faces. Although, after watching this trailer, ...
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Saints Row IV E3 Trailer

Well its that time of year again, and the E3 trailers are beginning to flow in now. With the bar already getting set pretty high, E3 trailers ...
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Is The Original Fable Getting Remade?

The Fable series has now become one of the staples in the catalogue of Xbox exclusives, and it's widely agreed that the original is the best of the ...
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Dead Island: Riptide Review

Zombies have now been the popular horror route to take for years and, as such, we’ve started to see them get pounded in the ground. Dead Island ...
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The Weekly Beep: Bioshock Infinite Songs

Part of the reason that Beyond the Beep exists in the first place is to help get the focus on some of the wonderful music surrounding the video ...
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