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Legend-of-Grimrock title

Legend of Grimrock Review

Fans of old school pen 'n' paper RPGs can get a new title to add to their shelves with the new dungeon crawler/RPG, Legend of Grimrock. The plot ...
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Hitman: Absolution Professional Edition Announced

Gamers looking forward to the release of Hitman: Absolution will have to be a little more careful than usual when selecting where they decide to ...
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Skyrim DragonFight

Kinect Support Coming to Skyrim

Available for free as a title update set to be released later this month, Kinect users will have access to over 200 voice commands from equipping ...
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Mass Effect 3: Resurgence DLC pack available with more DLC to come.

Mass Effect 3 owners can now access a new DLC pack, as of April 11th, the Resurgence Pack. This DLC is available for free via Origin, Xbox ...
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Borderlands 2 Mechromancer DLC Idea Revealed

During Pax East Borderlands 2 developer, Gearbox Software, revealed some of the information on an "idea" that they have - "what if we could add ...
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Shoot Many Robots Review

In a not so distant future robots are doing... something bad.  Enter P. Walter Tugnut. The game opens with robots destroying his truck and dry ...
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Blacklight: Retribution (PC) Preview

If you're a PC FPS nut you'll probably agree that there's one thing that FPS games have been lacking: wall hacking...   That's ...
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Destiny's Edge

10 Reasons to Look Forward to Guild Wars 2

Chances are that if you've ever heard of Guild Wars 2 or even the Guild Wars franchise I'm probably not going to need to say much to convince you ...
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5 Video Games To Look Forward To In March

#5 Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations If you're a sucker for animé then you've probably heard of something called Naruto. It's ...
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