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Awesomenauts Review

In the year 3578 mining corporations are waging war amongst each other to control what precious resources remain. Mercenaries are hired to protect ...
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Activision looks towards Mobile Gaming.

After having a "better than expected" start to 2012 Activision has its sights set on the mobile gaming platform as it makes the decision to create ...
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Gone Home Pre-Alpha Screen

The IndieGarden – Gone Home Pre-Alpha Footage

A group of talented people who have worked on some big name games like Bioshock have decided to create The Fullbright Company to work on a new ...
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The IndieGarden – Souvenir miniReview

Souvenir is a first person game centered around the ordeal of transitioning into adulthood and all of the confusion and disorientation associated ...
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Chasing Aurora Trailer Screen

The IndieGarden – Chasing Aurora Trailer

Broken Rules, the studio that brought us And Yet It Moves, released a trailer for their latest project Chasing Aurora earlier this month. In ...
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Warlock 5

Warlock: Master of the Arcane Review

Warlock: Master of the Arcane is a unique blend of turn-based strategy set within the fantastical world of Ardania, home to the Majesty games. ...
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I Can Outrun A Centaur.

The Guild Wars 2 beta weekend event is now behind us and a lot of people have been left craving more. For the first time players were allowed to ...
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Intrusion 2 Trailer

Metal Slug fans rejoice! Vapgames has released an amazing looking trailer for their upcoming game, Intrusion 2. Intrusion 2 ups the ante over ...
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Valve Working On A Wearable Computer

Earlier this month, April Fools Day, Razer released some images along with a video of a wearable piece of hardware called the Snake Eyes. Most ...
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Tribes: Ascend Review

If you gave everyone at the Winter Olympics rocket launchers and jetpacks you would probably see something similar to Tribes: Ascend. Tribes: ...
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