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6.5 Score

1953: KGB Unleashed Hands On Game Review

1953: KGB Unleashed is a first person, point-and-click puzzle solver set in a subterranean Russian industrial bunker. It is a minimally animated ...
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Top Ten Greatest (Non-Traditional) Zombies

If they aren't the greatest, most terrifying, perfect enemy in all of video games - and storytelling in general - then they're pretty close. ...
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8 Score

Puzzle Knights Review

When game design veterans from all corners of the gaming world come together, the resulting studio and project could surprise you. The studio by ...
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Olloclip Telephoto Lens Review

The standout descriptor of the Olloclip Telephoto Lens is simply utility, which it brings in abundance to the singularly functional iPhone 4/4s ...
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Halo 5: Thoughts and Predictions

In the wake of one of the most exciting, surprising, and controversial E3 events in recent memory, the gaming landscape teeters atop the precip...
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Halo recap: Past and Present

Where were we? In order to write about the future of a story, one must understand the story's past. Here are some very short recaps of each ...
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