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3 Ways To beat The Online Slots

  The most popular form of online games that exists today are the slots. The fascination is limitless.... there's no surprise there. ...
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Does Anyone Still Care About Call of Duty?

// // Description The first trailer for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare dropped yesterday, and... man, that sure looks like another ...
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Turn Your Home Into The Ultimate Gaming Den

  For most of us we dream of having our own games room. A room blessed with a big screen and giant speakers loud enough to blast you ...
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The Greatest Video Games Spawned From TV Shows

Developers can derive inspiration for video games from just about anywhere. Whether it’s from comics, films or real-world events, there is a ...
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Best Android Apps of 2014 So Far

  There are few things we’d truly be lost without. The smartphone isn’t quite there, but it’s pretty close. The ability to control our ...
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Nintendo under pressure from shareholders to enter mobile market

Japanese gaming giant Nintendo has been put under increasing pressure to join the mobile gaming race. Hedge fund manager Seth Fischer from the Hong ...
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Torment: Tides of Numenera

Great MMO RPG Games for Girls

It has been well documented that girls are drawn more towards adventure and fantasy games more so than your typical shooter.  MMO RPG's are wildly ...
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Video games that almost close to reality

  With lots of promises of immersive experience, gamers still feel that full-blown reality in video games is still a fantasy and these ...
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Game Consoles: A Look At The Past, Present, And Future

The videogame industry has come a long way in a relatively short amount of time. When the first videogame console - the Magnavox Odyssey - was ...
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SlimGamer Podcast Episode #6 – Final Gamescom Fantasy Seven

The staff discuss Gamescom 2012. Download - 1:19:12 minutes, 47MB iTunes: Subscribe - Review [jwplayer mediaid="9327"] ...
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