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Dodo Master

Android Game of the Week: Dodo Master

If someone calls you a “Dodo” you may get a little offended, but what if you’ve been dubbed the Dodo Master? Well, if you’ve played Semir ...
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Mad Bullets Review
8.5 Score

Mad Bullets Review

The Light Gun Arcade games of yesterday may be a thing of the past, but nobody told isTom Games that. They dev’s dropped a new arcade shooter for ...
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Kingdom Rush Origins

Ironhide Game Studio brings Kingdom Rush Origins to Mobiles

The Tower Defense genre was insanely popular a couple of years back, and while it still has its moments, great TD games are few and far between. ...
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The Banner Saga lands on Google Play

If you grew up in the 80s, you probably watched classic animated flicks like The Last Unicorn or films with a similar style of animation. The ...
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Far Cry 4 Arcade Poker

Ubisoft drops a Far Cry 4 Arcade Poker Game

We tend to get a little excited anytime a new Ubisoft mobile tie-in comes to our smartphones and tablets as you never know what you’re going to ...
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haunt the house terrortown

Haunt the House: TerrorTown Review

If there’s one area in games that hasn’t been overdone yet it’s the “haunting” genre. There are a handful of mobile games that let you ...
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Throwback Thursdays: Beyond Ynth

Every once in a while its fun to take a look back at some great mobile games that have been popular, but possibly become lost in the shuffle. ...
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monzo digital model kit

MONZO Digital Model App Review

When you think of Madfinger Games, you generally think of Samurai II, Dead Trigger or Shadowgun. Model building doesn’t come to mind, but ...
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The Secret of Mana for Android has arrived for Throwback Thursday

It’s Thursday, and if you’re an Android gamer that’s generally when the new games drop. It takes Google ages to update the Play Store at ...
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Angry Birds Transformers for Android has finally arrived

Rovio let a lot of folks down when they decided to release Angry Birds Transformers onto the App Store, and left Android gamers in the dark. Well, ...
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