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The Maze Runner

Quick Review: The Maze Runner from AFOLI Games

About a week ago, an official Maze Runner game hit Google Play to promote the film. The Maze Runner from AFOLI Games has absolutely nothing to do ...
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battle cats

Battle Cats returns to Google Play

A couple of years back, a game called Battle Cats leapt onto Google Play and burned itself into the brains of thousands that played the Japanese ...
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Asphalt Overdrive zooms onto Google Play

If you love to race on your mobile, you’ve probably played one of Gameloft’s Asphalt games. The latest game in the series is a little different ...
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FIFA 15: Ultimate Team
9 Score

FIFA 15: Ultimate Team Review

EA wowed us with Madden NFL Mobile, and yesterday they unleashed a new ‘football’ game with FIFA: 15 Ultimate Team. The soft regional launch ...
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PlayStation TV headed to the US next month with around 700 Games

Back in September of last year, we told you about the PS Vita TV and since that time it’s undergone a few changes and is getting ready to touch ...
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Quick Review: Interstellar the Game

Christopher Nolan has made some great films, it’s no big secret. His newest film, Interstellar, is slated to hit theaters in November, and today ...
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Treasure Fetch: Adventure Time brings Snake to the Land of Ooo

Cartoon Network has cranked out a lot of mobile games this year, and while most are ports of their browser games, we’re always happy to see a new ...
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Star Wars: Commander arrives for Android

Clash of Clans is an insanely popular mobile game, and it recently got a big update. The timing might not be the greatest, but a new CoC competitor ...
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desert golfing

Desert Golfing Review

Golf games are a great fit for mobiles, and some are much better than others. That said, some are just downright strange, and that’s the case ...
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9 Score

Spider-Man Unlimited Review

We used to make jokes about Endless Running games when Temple Run arrived and brought an army full of clones along with it. Things have slowed down ...
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