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The Secret of Mana for Android has arrived for Throwback Thursday

It’s Thursday, and if you’re an Android gamer that’s generally when the new games drop. It takes Google ages to update the Play Store at ...
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Angry Birds Transformers for Android has finally arrived

Rovio let a lot of folks down when they decided to release Angry Birds Transformers onto the App Store, and left Android gamers in the dark. Well, ...
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galaxy siege 2
7 Score

Galaxy Siege 2 Review

There are all kinds of monsters lurking in the depths of the ocean. The same can be said of outer space in Galaxy Siege 2, an Android game that ...
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strip mall story

Several New Kairosoft games appear on Google Play

It’s been a while since we’ve seen anything new from Kairosoft, but that may soon change. Several new Kairosoft games have just shown up on ...
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galaxy on fire alliances

Galaxy on Fire – Alliances arrives for Android

Galaxy on Fire is one of those games you download when you first get your shiny new flagship or slate to show off its horsepower. It’s been out ...
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zombie commando

Quick Review: Zombie Commando from Bulkpix

Bulkypix is one of the more varied developers/publishers out there, and they’ve always produced some interesting games. Their latest game, Zombie ...
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adventure xpress

Adult Swim drops Adventure Xpress for Android

Adult Swim games are generally a lot of fun - everyone loves Robot Unicorn, and we were big fans of Amateur Surgeon 3. AS dropped a new Android ...
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8 Score

Enterchained Review

Gladiator games have generally done pretty well on Android, but aren’t too many great ones out there. Featherweight’s Enterchained isn’t your ...
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The Humble Mobile Bundle 9 brings two more games to the table

The Humble Mobile Bundle 9 dropped last week, and it was a dandy with the likes of Out There and Leo’s Fortune. As always, the bundle expanded ...
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Nexus Player microconsole announced, pre-orders begin October 17

We love a good microconsole as much as the next gamer, and we’ve  had our eye on the Android TV box since we learned about it over the summer. ...
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