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star wars rebels

Star Wars Rebels: Recon Missions arrives for Mobiles

When Disney took over the Star Wars franchise, gamers crossed their fingers we would get some big new Star Wars games. While we’re still waiting ...
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Leap Motion is bringing Hand Tracking tech to the Razer OSVR headset

In case you weren’t aware, Virtual Reality has become a pretty big thing in gaming over the past year or so. The Oculus got folks interested, but ...
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PlayStation 4 Releases – March 22, 2015

If you’re a console gamer, Tuesday is a day you’ve probably been waiting for. While Bloodborne is the big news today, there are plenty of other ...
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humble bundle 12

The Humble PC & Android Bundle 12 adds Eufloria, Toast Time, and Solar Flux

Last week, the folks behind the Humble Bundle dropped a new one with the Humble PC & Android Bundle 12. It packed quite the wallop, and while ...
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Metalheads rejoice, Anthrax has arrived for Rocksmith 2014

DLC can be a real pain in the ass for some games, but for others it’s a true godsend and the lifeblood that keeps the gears churning. That’s ...
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Amazon throws a Birthday Sale with Free Android Games

We’ve seen a number of good gaming deals come our way this week, and if you own an Android handset or slate, we’ve got another great promo for ...
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outwitters 2.0
9 Score

Outwitters 2.0 Review

Base defense games have become quite popular on mobiles over the past few years, and gamers with iOS devices have been enjoying one called Outwit...
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ea UFC

EA Sports UFC Mobile Soft-Launch Preview

We’ve seen a number of soft-launches this year, and a number of major games are currently being tested in various parts of the world like New ...
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9 Score

Space Bounties Inc. Review

When someone says Space-based Bounty Hunter, most folks are going to think of good old Boba Fett. While Disney has yet to amaze us with a Boba ...
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Power Rangers: UNITE enters a soft-launch on Canadian App Store

Depending on your age, there’s a good chance you were a big Power Rangers fan or know someone who was. The Rangers aren’t nearly as popular ...
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