, founded October 19, 2009, is an independent website run by people who play video games, discuss video games, write about video games, and do just about everything else related to video games in as much time as we have in our everyday lives.  We cover video game news, reviews, and run giveaways from time to time. Over the years we have narrowed our focus to bring you the best coverage and latest news from independent developers and games that fly under the radar of the big sites.  Of course, we don’t neglect the biggest news and stories from the industry, and we strive to balance our coverage of independent developers and the giants of the industry, as well as the latest news from Kickstarter. Our staff includes 8 writers who are dedicated to bringing the best news out there and harvesting and collecting those pieces of information across the dark, cold web and serving it on  a nice, warm plate  – just for you. We attend E3 and the Eurogamer Expo every year, with several staff members reporting live from each event.


Introducing the staff members:

Justin – Senior Writer – CA


Justin is the Senior Writer and Content Manager at Slimgamer and has been with the site since 2011.  He is an IT Professional by day, games journalist by night, and rad guy all the time.  While he loves games (all games) he has a special place in his heart for all things Nintendo.  If you just can’t get enough of him, follow him on Twitter @sirultimos.

Charles – Writer – US


Writer for SlimGamer since 2009. Been playing video games since Beach Head II on the Commodore 64. Now just playing Xbox 360 & PS3, until the next generation comes along and impresses.

Sean – Xbox / PC – Ireland


Staff writer here at SlimGamer, Sean sometimes goes into college to study Computer Science. He enjoys RPG’s, Shoot ‘Em Ups and talking in the third person. You can follow him on Twitter @Sullee789 but to be honest you’re not missing much.

Ben – Xbox / Playstation / PC – Ireland


Games Designer and Development student from Ireland.Always had a passion for gaming, started from a very young age playing and watching his family playing different games.  started writing in January 2013 at SlimGamer.His hobbies would have to be video games, computers, gadgets, music and cars. Almost always doing something related to one of those!     Adam is a gamer who first got his start playing Pitfall on Atari back in the 80s. He enjoys Indie games, the Ps3, and spends his spare time watching Game of Thrones on a loop and trying to spot Pukwudgies.

David – Writer – CA


I’m about sixty feet tall, and speak fluent Lebanese. Also those are lies. I’m a fan of macaroni and also of cheese.     An avid game and nerd of the highest order I find great joy from seeing games stretch the limits of creativity and design. If games are living on the edge they are taking up too much space. Those who set the new industry standards are always the ones who are not afraid to change them.

Hayes – Social Media Manager – US


Hayes happens to help manage the social media of the site, and has also been with the site since 2011. Being an avid fan of video games for life, Hayes goes to college right now with the purpose of becoming a game journalist and eventually opening his own development studio. As well as fending off any alien menaces that attack the earth. While he plays any and all games, RPG’s will always be his passion. If you feel like you can’t get enough(for whatever reason) follow him on twitter

Car – Lead Editor (All Platforms) – US

Adam FieldWriter US

Adam is a gamer who first got his start playing Pitfall on Atari back in the 80s. He enjoys Indie games, the Ps3, and spends his spare time watching Game of Thrones on a loop and trying to spot Pukwudgies.



Mimi Soet –Writer US

Slicing and dicing words and videotape. That’s what I do. A bloody massacre of content, sometimes. All in the name of love – for storytelling. How I like to tell stories! It made me into a video producer – for which I spend my time mulling over characters, words, music, graphics, soundfx and story-lines. So when it comes to blogging, you can imagine, I really enjoy talking about how others do it.