When Red Lynx released Trials Evolution, the sequel to their best selling physics based racer Trials HD back in April, everyone knew it was going to sell a garage load of copies. Purely because it’s such a fun game that anyone can pick up and play. However, it’s since gone on to be one of the most popular titles available in the Xbox Live Arcade Marketplace.

When speaking to fans of the game, the one thing they always ask for is more tracks. They just want more! Now of course you can get user made tracks from the “Track Central” part of the game but most fans want more tracks from the makers of the game – Red Lynx.

Well, that’s exactly what Red Lynx have done with the release of their latest piece of DLC for Trials Evolution, called The Origin of Pain.

The Origin of Pain is one of the strongest pieces of DLC seen in recent months and at a relatively cheap 400 MS Points is definitely well worth buying. And you certainly get an awful lot of bang for your buck. The Origin of Pain brings you 36 brand new tracks, a whole bunch of new tournaments and 2 new skill games for you to jump, flip and crash into. All of the tracks are exactly what you would expect from the evil and sadistic guys at Red Lynx studios. In fact the variety is what strikes you first as each track is very different from the last and the locations are also massively varied ranging from a crashed aeroplane to an oversized (or are you just tiny?) child’s play-set and there’s even a fiendishly difficult track which gets drawn by a marker pen as your riding and jumping over it! (trust me, that particular track is brutally hard!)

As well as the new tracks there is also new character customization options as well as access to a new bike – the Gecko BMX bike! Which although it isn’t available to use for some of the tracks, the one’s that it is available for are usually very difficult (but fun) and have frustrating parts usually requiring numerous restarts!

The Origin of Pain is actually set on an island called Paine Island and pain is almost certainly what you will get when you play this. Not only virtually but also when you shout at your on screen character for being so stupid and falling off his bike resulting in you getting a sore throat! – This is extremely likely, especially on those bits which just flat out refuse to let you pass!

Most of the tracks on Paine Island are relatively easy. But, no matter your skill level; eventually, the difficulty will suddenly be ramped up to 11 and you’ll be faced with huge jumps requiring you to draw on all of your skill and tricks that you [should] have learnt by then. But make no mistake, even with these tricks and skills, you’re still likely to fail and crash….a lot. Thankfully though, a quick press of the ‘B’ button resets you back to the last checkpoint you passed or the ‘Back’ button will reset you back to the beginning of the level.

As well as the new tracks and tournaments, there’s also 2 new skill games available for you to play. These consist of a classic hill climb with the description simply being “How high can you go?” (for me, not very high. So far I’ve got up to around 15 metres!) which sounds simple but it really isn’t. Make one mistake and you’re done. The other skill game is called Adrenaline Cannon which is basically a target game requiring you to drive into a cannon and shoot yourself out of it and land on a target which is not as easy as it sounds!

As you might expect there are still literally hundreds if not thousands of tracks available for you to download and try out in game all made via the in game level editor by the frankly huge Trials community and in fact, this DLC comes complete with even more tools for you to create new tracks with which means there will soon be even more devilish ways to create destruction for your rider.

Origin of Pain is a very well priced piece of content and manages to pack a lot in for the price. If you already own and play Trials Evolution, it’s something well worth getting as it really will extend the gameplay and your enjoyment of the game.

Trial Evolution OoP Box Art
Review Score : [starreview tpl=16] Title : Trials Evolution: Origin of Pain
Format : XBLA
Developer : RedLynx, Ltd.
Publisher : Microsoft
Release Date : 10/5/2012

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