Germ warfare is as dangerous as ever in Resident Evil 6. It’s 2013, more than 10 years since the Raccoon City incident, and bioterrorism is back with a vengeance. Navigate the threat of the deadly C-virus with Resident Evil 6 Signature Series Guide, the official strategy guide.

Easy to use and detailed maps show you locations of useful items, key locations for cover, and plenty more. Walkthrough chapters have specific advice for enemy encounters and main events, and you’ll find boss fight info and tactics to take out the big guys in style. Official artwork will appeal to all fans of the Resident Evil franchise, and with stats and biographical info it brings characters such as Leon S. Kennedy and Cpn. Chris Redfield to life. There is a full section on tips and strategy for co-op play and every single piece of weaponry or equipment found in the game is also described in Resident Evil 6 Signature Series Guide.

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