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Which one of your songs would you say you had the most fun making?

I think Roll Out was really fun actually due to the wacky nature of the song. I also really enjoyed making ‘Nord Mead’ as it was such a simple feel-good song.

Most of your songs focus on games that are made in the west, is there a certain reason why you’ve never really done a song about a Japanese game or did it just happen that way?

I haven’t played any Japanese games in the last year or two. If they make a sequel for Okami or finally release Last Guardian you can bet there’ll be a song about it! I am however, not a JRPG fan, mainly due to a distaste for the (and yes I am generalizing here) aesthetics, the dialogue and the turn based combat systems.

The majority of your music focuses on video games, have you thought about coming out with an album about anything else? 

There are already two movie-themed MOS songs out there and I plan to do more. As for my own personal songs, I have made hundreds of them but they never got anywhere so that’s something I am currently leaving on hiatus until MOS is big enough to support extracurricular ventures.

What type of games do you generally play?

I’ll play any kind of game but I have a particular fondness for open world action-RPGs like Skyrim, Borderlands and Mass Effect.

If you had to pick one, what would be your favorite video game?

Tie between Fallout 3 and Mass Effect 2

Both great choices. Recently you performed live at the Escapist Expo. What kind of experience was that? How was the fan reaction?

It was amazing. The fan reaction was insane, they were singing every word back at me and dancing like mad. Pure magic!

On that same note, would you consider performing live in the future?

Yes I would, but not too often. Just on special occasions.

Any games you’re looking forward to making songs for that are coming up?

I have yet to tackle Halo and I get requests for it all the time, so that will be interesting.

There’s a lot of debate on this question.  What’s your opinion on modern vs. classic video games?  Has the quality of video games degraded?

I’ve been gaming since the early 80s and this generation is by far my favourite. It has a lot of problems like yearly sequels, everything becoming more shootery and multiplayer focused and the great DLC and DRM debates – yet still most of my favourite games were made in the last 7/8 years.

I definitely couldn’t agree with you more. Alright just a few more questions to wrap up.

What kind of advice can you give to anyone who wants to write their own music? Whether it’s related to video games or not.

Practice. Music is a skill and a trade and must be learned over time and through effort.

What game are you most looking forward to at this point?

GTA5 looks like it’s going to be great, can’t wait for that one. Dishonored is also looking really good.

Finally, what are your hopes and plans for the future? Where do you want to go from here?

I hope to continue along this path and hopefully just keep expanding my audience. I am very happy with the way MOS is going this year and looking forward to the future!

Alright that wraps it up. Once again I just want to thank you for doing this. Also, I’d like to commend you for making some truly great music. I’m a huge fan and definitely looking forward to whatever you do in the future! Thanks!


Miracle of Sound has a sizeable repertoire of songs as well as two albums at this point and there’s multiple ways to listen to them. You can check out and subscribe to his YouTube channel for most of his songs, as well as his gaming videos. Go to the Miracle of Sound bandcamp page to listen to and purchase all of his songs up to this point. And his songs debut on The Escapist every month, with follow up articles explaining them called Miracle of Sound Encore. And here’s one more great song to wrap it up.

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