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Music is a huge part the gaming industry and everyday life in general. There are many fabulously talented composers working in the industry, but equally as impressive are the number of great fan artists that have sprung up in the gaming culture. Many talented fan artists have been making music about video games for years now. One such individual is Gavin Dunne a.k.a. Miracle of Sound. Miracle of Sound is Gavins artist name, and he first sprung up on the internet a couple years ago with his incredible songs focusing on different video games. With songs like “The Ballad of Clay Carmine”, and “Commander Shepard” he made a name for himself. Now Miracle of Sounds YouTube channel gets thousands of views, and his songs debut monthly on the website The Escapist.

As I said music is very important, especially to video games and the artists that make it are just as important. As such, Beyond the Beep focuses on the music of and around the video game industry. Which means finding out more about these artists and their music. Here’s my personal favorite Miracle of Sounds song with an exclusive interview afterwards.

 Alright let’s get started with a little history.

How did you first get into music? Give us a little background on what really got you into the music industry.

Ever since I picked up a guitar at age 14 it was all I ever wanted to do and all I was ever good at. I was fired from many jobs in my life but music has always been my one constant passion and drive. I have been in a few bands over the years but MOS is the first project that’s become successful enough to be my job.

You’re originally from Ireland correct? When did you come over to the United States? You really don’t have any kind of an accent when you’re singing.

I am still living in Ireland – many European singers use an American accent when they sing. It feels natural as we grew up on a lot of American music and culture, plus it is a universally understood accent that most music fans can decipher without too much mis-communication of the lyrics.

Growing up, what kind of music did you listen to, and what music do you draw inspiration from?

Anything and everything. Pop, rock, jazz, classical, blues, metal, you name it. I am a fan of almost every kind of music. Metal is always going to be my favourite though – nothing else gives that same energy and positive feeling.

Why did you decide to start making music about video games?

About 2 years ago after my old band fell apart. I made ‘Gordon Freeman Saved My Life’ to cheer myself up.

Let’s move on to your current work now.

 What ultimately makes you decide to make a song about a certain game? What’s the biggest factor in your decision?

The main factor is if the story or something in the game inspired me. I tend to pick popular recent releases most of the time as they attract the widest audience.

How long do you usually play a game before you decide to write a song about it?

I finish every game before I write about it

Guide us through the process of how you create one of your songs. Let’s use your most recent one as an example, what was the process of making “Roll Out”?

My process is very chaotic. I might write a riff here, a melody there, go and make some drum patterns – the songs come together piece by piece and go through many changes from conception to finished piece.

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