Some people may have heard name Twonky before but apart from people familiar with home networking and streaming media, most probably won’t realise what the technology does.

That’s essentially because Twonky isn’t a games console, smartphone, TV or amplifier, even though it has connections with all of those. It’s a technology that helps many of those technologies talk to each other and stream content between them. It’s basically a handshake client that takes the fuss out of media streaming. And now it’s available for iOS download!

Created by PacketVideo, Twonky Beam essentially allows you to send media from your iPhone (version tested) iPad or iPod touch to your Smart TV, AV amplifier, Apple TV box or other video paying connected device. It uses a browser infrastructure to allow you to find video content and, at the tap of your screen, have it play on your home display rather than the iOS device’s touchscreen. Simple as that (and it really is that simple)

You do need a compatible device however, this kind of app won’t work on your standard TV – Gadget Corner tested this on an Apple TV box and without any additional setup from the box itself, Twonky Beam allowed us to easily click a ‘Beam’ button on the content we were viewing and instantly (aside from a bit of buffering) send it to our home TV.

Whilst the built in Twonky Browser features several media sources which are ‘guaranteed’ to work with the app (YouTube, Vimeo, CNN, IMDB and The New York Times) wilst the Twonk Beam app is open in the background on your iOS device, you are perfectly able to beam any content to your TV – though it’s worth pointing out that not all sources are supported but the ones tested here at the Gadget Corner worked just fine.

Bridging the gap between standard quality (which offered slight instances of tearing and pixalation on the larger screen) to high quality obviously takes longer to buffer depending on your home network but it took just a few seconds to stream a HD 2 minute YouTube clip to my TV.

There are few other options too as you can create a playlist of clips from different sites rather than just wait for each clip to finish before streaming another. You can switch between devices instantly also as it sees all compatible kit that is currently on the network.

Personally, if you find yourself sat there (like I do most evenings) watching video game trailers on your phone and want to share a particularly awesome looking one, Twonky Beam allows you to very easily beam that content to your TV so that people aren’t huddled around your phone. An excellently built app and one I would recommend to anyone with the kit already in their home. Oh, did I mention it was free?